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Nicole E. Anderson, MS, CTM

Certified Therapeutic Musician

and Wellness Practitioner



Nicole spent the early part of her career living dual lives, one as a ​musician and the other as a therapist and life coach. She had studied ​psychology and music in college, continuing on to get her master’s in ​counseling, and the following year, her life coach certification. ​However, soon she discovered that having two vocations was far too ​overwhelming. After much research and deliberation, she discovered ​the remedy: Combine her backgrounds and pursue a career in ​therapeutic music.

Nicole quickly discovered that this was her calling. She played ​therapeutic harp music for seniors in assisted living centers and hospice ​facilities, able to bring her skills as a musician, in addition to her ​knowledge and empathy from her studies of counseling and ​bereavement coaching.

Self-care is a big part of therapeutic music training, as it helps counter ​the stress the musician can feel on the body and mind after playing ​long sessions in heightened emotional settings. Nicole took her self-​care training to heart, incorporating yoga and meditation into her ​everyday life. Soon, she began integrating her music with these ​wellness practices, offering harp accompanied yoga and getting ​certified as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. This was the ​beginning of Wellness Integrations offered through Harp & Wellness.


Harp Therapy and Wellness Integrations

Harp therapy, or therapeutic music, is the practice of offering live music for the purposes of physical, mental, ​emotional, and spiritual healing and comfort. Certified practitioners play music in a style that opens space for ​healing to take place - whatever that “healing” might look like to the patient in that moment. A holistic therapy ​that combines art with science, harp therapy is not meant to cure, nor is it to take the place of medical ​intervention. It is offered as a supplement to standard care. However, its benefits are plenty. Therapeutic ​music has been shown to aid sleep, relax the mind and body, boost memory, stabilize vitals, enhance ​wellbeing, guide spiritual connection, invite calm into the environment, and much more.

While offering music in healthcare settings, Nicole was drawn to the wellness world. She saw how beneficial ​harp therapy could be when integrated with other wellness practices, ones that too achieve many of the same ​benefits as listed above. When combining the music with yoga, meditation, nature therapy, Reiki, sound baths, ​and other wellness practices, the benefits were felt on an even deeper level. Nicole described this outcome in ​an article she wrote for the Harp Therapy Journal:

"These already integrative therapies then integrate with one another, allowing for the wholest holistic ​approach to healing.... This multifaceted approach to wellness is a true example of a sum being greater than its ​parts." - Harp Therapy Journal, Summer 2019

Wellness Integrations soon became Nicole’s main service and was the impetus for the creation of Harp & ​Wellness, a venture that has been bringing musical solace to the community for over four years. In that time, ​Nicole has built on her own skillset, attaining her sound healing certificate. With this added certification, she ​has begun implementing frequency work and sound healing equipment into her meditation offerings. She ​currently works with a Tibetan singing bowl, ting shas, and a 50-inch grounding meditation chime.


Services and Offerings

Nicole has spent the past three years traveling the country full-time, building her portfolio of virtual services.

Current offerings include:

Sakura blossom, cherry flower, hand drawn sketch.
Sakura blossom, cherry flower, hand drawn sketch.
Sakura blossom, cherry flower, hand drawn sketch.

Relaxing music, meditations, self-care discussions and livestreams on the Harp & Wellness YouTube Channel

Curated products for healing and wellbeing, all available as digital downloads

Educational and business building resources for musicians working in health and wellness

She is also available to play at your healthcare facility, wellness center, or yoga studio. Email nicole@neamusic.com to discuss ​her travel schedule for the remainder of 2024 and 2025.




Certificate in New Age Composition

Quiescence Music


Minor in Music

Boston University


Clinical Music Certification

Harp for Healing Clinical Musician Certification ​Program


Marketing Outreach Manager

Harp for Healing, LLC



Harp for Healing, LLC


Sound Healing Certification

Levels 1 and 2

Life Changing Energy


Mental Health/Wellness

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Boston University


Master of Science in Counseling Psychology

Northeastern University


Professional Coach Certification

World Coach Institute


Relationship Coach Certification

World Coach Institute


Bereavement Coach Certification

World Coach Institute


Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher ​Certification

School of Positive Transformation



American Harp Society


Friend of Therapeutic Music

National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians


National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians

Board Member, Treasurer, Web Content Manager



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